We have a number of webinars currently live on our website. These are available to download and on a wide variety of subject matter.

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Previous Webinars

Last year’s webinars included;

Porous Asphalt – Everything you need to know about porous asphalt.

An in depth webinar for the asphalt paving professional, wishing to get to grips with the latest in asphalt technology.

Technology – Bringing Your Workplace Up To Date – this webinar was a huge success and is recommended viewing for any construction professional who has not yet embraced the twenty first century.

If you are not knowledgeable or simply scared of technological breakthroughs, it could put you and your business at a disadvantage.

This informal webinar tells you everything you need to know about technology in construction.

This Year’s Webinars

For the chance to participate in upcoming webinars, please contact the administrator.

Interested parties will be contacted at the earliest possible convenience.

Future webinar topics will include;

Women Into Construction – A webinar discussion on the changing role of women within the workplace and the world of construction.

Sustainability In Construction – A webinar focusing solely on sustainability within construction. This session aims to take a look into sourcing sustainable materials from within your community and locality.

How to promote sustainable living and how to make your business environmentally friendly.

Safety At Work – An essential webinar into ensuring the safety of everyone who works for or with you. We will be discussing the best way of making sure everyone remains safe and minimizing the hazards in the modern construction workplace.

Paving Professionals Masterclass –This is an advanced webinar which is especially for paving experts everywhere. All the latest techniques and tips will be looked at as well as the right tools for the trade and more besides.



July/Aug various dates and locations across the country.


Everything you need to know to help you bid on projects correctly.

The best ways to price a tender and make sure you get it right. Which jobs to bid on and how not to lose out to the competition.

Like our previous season of workshops, we aim to bring this important workshop to as many towns and cities across the country as we can do!

We will be booking venues as soon as we have registered interest from people to do so. Therefore, to ensure your place at one of our workshops, please contact the administrator to reserve your seat.

Reservations are free but must be made in advance.