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Ever since shoulder pads and power dressing were de rigueur, we have been at the heart of the construction community in the USA.

We arrange events, meet ups and a space for construction professionals to get together socially.

But we do more than this. Our site is also a useful tool for any professional wishing to know more about the industry.

We are a leader in the field, bringing information to the construction world and pointing a spotlight on its pressing issues of the day.

The world is constantly changing and so are we!

We do not stand still for one minute, constantly updating our skills and knowledge of industry practices.

Our site delivers an exciting mixture of education, events, information, data, analysis, news and views, to its professionals.

No matter what your role in the construction industry is, we have your back.

Whether you are an engineer, site manager or general laborer – we think like you think and ask the questions that our readers want to ask.

We also make sure we get some satisfactory answers to them as well!

Our website features interviews with some of the key movers and players in the construction industry today.

We are honored to have been able to interview several construction bosses and professionals over the last few months.

All our interviewees have been incredibly free and generous with their times and have provided some illuminating insight into their work, their careers and their motivations for remaining in the industry.

We are a thriving community of construction professionals and exist to support each other.

This is a place for fellow colleagues to swap ideas and opinions, about anything and everything within the construction business.

We provide links for training opportunities and have a valuable power bank of resources available for our readers to download.

We also run our own masterclasses and lectures, into the various aspects of construction.

But if you are unable to attend the seminars in person, they are still available to download, via our webinar case studies!